2012 -- A Look Back.

I started 2012 in a strange place --- not happy, not sad, but not feeling "steady".  It seemed that after 2011, I lost my footing and really needed some time to figure out what I wanted, what I needed, and how to get it.  And this year was all about finding me. 

Marfan Syndrome has always, and will always, be an important part of my family's life.  Most of the time, when I mention it, people give me the blank stare because unless you know someone affected, you have probably never heard of it.  Meanwhile, it is discussed daily in my house and has a profound effect on our life.  It is a rare syndrome and I am proud to be able to spread the word and raise awareness.

This year brought new social struggles for Grace -- the preteen years have already started!!!  As she and her friends are growing up, all those social dynamics change and feelings get hurt and drama ensues.  Even at this young age.  Teaching your daughter to navigate through these lessons (hopefully better than I did myself!) is tough on this mama. 

Change comes quickly sometimes ---- and its normally best that way.  Less time to fuss about the what ifs  I stopped working full time and found an amazing part time position at a great place with great coworkers.  Still there and still loving it!  The schedule is exactly what my family needs right now.

I look around my house and my life and I know how lucky I am.  Sometimes I lose sight of that and need reminding but wow, I really do have everything I need.

One of the most special moments this year was meeting, finally, in-person, Marfriends.  Maya and I have blogged back and forth for years ---- we ae Facebook friends and are forever bonded together through Marfan Syndrome.  Anytime I have a question, she seems to have the answer...or at least know where to find it.  This year, we met up in Baltimore while she was in town for appointments with the specialists we all see at Hopkins. 

I swam for years --- summer teams, winter national teams, every season I was in the water.  Loved it.   And now Grace is swimming and loves it.  This year, I raised my hand and got more involved in the team........was it a good decision, looking back?  Not sure.  But I am grateful for the friendships I made and the good times that Grace had this summer with the team.

Our "new life" started as Grace went back to school.  My parttime career job.  New nanny at our house.  Grace on the bus to and from school with the neighborhood kids.  And a large group of family/friends for all of us.  Life feels good this way.

It was only a matter of time --- we spent an entire day at the ER with Grace.  Best outcome ever --- nothing is wrong.  But the complaints of pain and discomfort for so scary for this Marfamily!!! What I did learn was that Hubby and I can handle it -- we knew what to do, who to call, and what things the docs needed to look at first before anything else was ruled out when it comes to Marfan Syndrome.

Our right, as Americans, to vote for our public officials is so fundamentally important that I drove all over the county and spent 6 hours voting.  Apparently, my record was changed in January to reflect that I was not a citizen.  NOT a happy girl that day but I got it fixed. Even the poll workers were commenting that changing one's status on Election Day (Presidential Election Day noless) was almost impossible.  Yeah, well dont tell me I cant vote for my President.  Cause I did. 

The holidays are always sooo fun -- and filled with events and to do lists.  But the small moments caught on camera are my favorite.

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