She's Got Spirit - Yes She Does!

Grace loves to cheer.  She loves the chants and loves the motions. During football season she spends hours making up her own cheers and chants.  She is a sideline cheerleader - the cheerleader you see at the football games cheering on her home team.  She loves the poms and has learned quite a bit about football just standing in the sidelines waiting for her team to score ---- cause that meant the cheer squad could do her favorite cheer.  Fall cheer ended right before Thanksgiving - and Grace won the Spirit Award for her "good attitude and sportsmanship and leadership on the cheer team". Best. Award.  Ever.  

Now it's time for spring cheer.  This is new for her.  The new youth team we joined in the fall is having a spring cheer class - a conditioning class so to speak.  Of course we signed up!  

Tonight was the first class. She came home smiling - she met a new friend, a couple of her teammates from the fall were there, and her coaches gave her a big hug.  

"But I totally embarrassed myself Mom.  I can't even do a backward roll or cartwheel.  So embarrassing".  That's what she focused on when she got home.  

For years we avoided sports and athletics ----- with Marfan Syndrome there are just so many things that could happen so we never put her in any activity that carried too much risk or that we would have to take away later on.  We never encouraged strengthening exercises.  And now our girl is paying for that.   

The mom in me is sad that she was embarrassed.   The mom in me is also so proud of her ---- I asked her if she was so embarrassed that she didn't want to go back.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said "Mom!!  Of course I am going back!"   Even after feeling like she is the only one who can't do something, my girl is going back and trying again.  

And this mama is going to help her.  Her need for strengthening exercises and my need to rid myself of these last few baby pounds will be partners ----- her goal is my goal: cartwheel by the end of spring cheer.  Simple and obtainable.  

My girl rocks. That Spirit Award was - and continues to be - well deserved.   


Tiny Steps Feature!

Guess what?  Today I am a Featured Reader on Tiny Steps Mommy!

Check it out -- it was very exciting to get an email this morning that said "you are featured on my blog today!"

Click here to see the post -- Tiny Steps Mommy is celebrating her two year Blog-versary and is featuring her readers throughout the month.  So great!!!


10 Ways I Know That I Have Made the Transition to the SAHM/WAHM

10.  I know the Disney Jr. weekday schedule by heart.  9am Sheriff Callie. 3pm Little Einsteins.

9.  I can also sing every word to the theme songs to above mentioned shows, even when they are not on tv.

8.  Lunchtime is sometime mid-day and consists of the leftover chicken nuggets from the toddler's lunch and some crackers from his snack bag left on the table while on a conference call. 

7.  Quiet time is defined as any time that Mom is in a room by herself for more than 5 minutes. 

6.  Weekends are just two more days of the week.  Daddy is home during the day - that's the bonus to the weekend.  They are NOT for resting. 

5.  I can work on an email marketing piece, make a peanut butter sandwich, and have a conversation about pirates.......at the same time. 

4.  I carry both the iPad and iPhone with me to kids appointments ---- the iPad for kid entertainment during the 20 minute wait at the doctors office and the phone so I can take advantage of the time to answer emails. 

2.  The baby is learning to reach and grab things by sitting on my lap while I write press releases.  She loves to reach and puch the keys ---- lucky for my I have spell check to find her typos!

1.  My days start early and end late. There is not a time in any day of the week that someone doesnt need me for something whether its a kid, client, or the dog.  And while its exhausting, I get to take work breaks for hugs from my kiddos and I get to play Legos anytime I want to!