Spontaneous isn't All That Great

So here we are...again. The night before another surgery.  This one on his eye.

Sometime over the last couple days, the Hubby detached his retina.  And cannot see out that eye at all. 

How do you fix that?! Well, surgery.  Eye surgery.  And even though it's out-patient, the recovery at home is not fun.  Hubby will have to lay facedown for 23 hours a day for 5 days.  He can get up for meals and quick shower but other than that, facedown.  It's really hard under normal circumstance but remember - he has an 18 inch incision on his abdomen right now that is still only 6 weeks old and therefore still very painful.  

Detached retinas can happen to anyone for dozens of reasons. When you are have Marfan Syndrome, they can be spontaneous.  Literally one day things are fine and the next they aren't. That's what happened to the Hubby this weekend. Spontaneous detachment. Aren't we lucky?!

The plus side is we have done this before and we know the surgeon.  And he is really good at what he does.  The good news is also that this surgery should restore Hubby's vision over the next month or so.  But it's another surgery.  Another added recovery to the one he is already managing.  

I struggle a lot with trying to take care of the kids, a dog, a house, my businesses, and life in general on top of caring for Hubby during major recoveries. This new surgery is tough - it has to be done immediately but that means I lose the little bit of help he can do right now around the house.  

So tonight I prep - laundry started, work emails out, phone chargers packed. Kid care is priced together with friends who still manage to say "okay" when I ask for more help with my kids and family who loves the time with the kids but who is also ready for some normalcy.  It's hard on everyone. 

But what I try to tell myself is this: Yes the last few years have been hard. Really hard.  I am tired - mentally and emotionally and physically.  So is Hubby.  He is tired of being the patient.  He is tired of hurting and he is tired that recovery is hard on our family. But we get through it.  Day by day. Sometimes it's hour by hour. But we get through.  And someday, it will all be okay again and we can get back to the business of being us (we used to be super fun, social people - this recovery life doesn't lend itself to that). 

But first, we are perfecting our recovery skills one more time with retina surgery. 

We will win this battle. Together.  


History Flys Over

The end of last week was he 70th anniversary of  (VE)Victory in Europe Day - the day when World War 2 ended in Europe.   To mark the occasion, DC experienced something never before seen - a flyover of WW2 aircraft in historical sequence representing the major battles.  To see all the information about the flyover, check out the official site of Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

The hubby and I packed up snacks and water and chairs and headed towards the city. The city was packed for the event so we found a great memorial park on the side of the parkway leading to the airport and along the Potomac River, just across from the Washington Monument and Memorial Bridge.  An amazing viewpoint to see all the planes entering the nation's capital and flying right over us.  It was awesome.  The kids thought it was cool to see planes so low over them (only about 1,000 feet up!) and Hubby and I were just in awe of the history and awesomeness of our US history right above our heads. 

I, of course, brought my camera.  Enjoy.


As Heard at a Sleepover

The players: Me, Grace - my 11 year old daughter who has clearly entered the dramatic preteen years earlier than I was prepared for; A - Grace's BFF who is like another daughter to me and equally as hilarious as Grace as they start this growing up thing.

Conversation while I was putting laundry away in the baby's room: 

A: So can I have that dress Miss Jaime when [new crush's name] and I adopt a baby girl?
Me: Ummm sure A.. Do you want to adopt one day?! That's great. Why?
A: Well cause my mom told me that is super painful to have a baby
Grace: Yeah and it's totally gross how the baby gets there too
A: Yeah it's all painful and totally gross. 

Advice from the BFF when Grace has to deal with the meanest mom ever in the whole world (I told her that she would have to find her phone herself since she missplaced it herself - can you even IMAGINE that!?) 

A: Grace, just stop walking. Sit down Grace.  Take a chill pill - its not that big of a problem.  Okay, did you take a chill pill now?
Grace:  Okay, I took a chill pill.

The Grand Plans made by the 11 year olds

Grace: So this weekend is Mother's Day.  And we know that there isn't much planned so we thought of a great idea! A can sleepover and you can drive us to the mall. And we might buy you a Starbucks there.  We want to go to our favorite store but you can just shop in the kids store next door.  We will text you when we are done and ready for you to come back (aka need money to buy things).  It's like your Mother's Day present!!!
Me: Oh, so I get the privledge of driving you to the mall on a Friday night as my Mother's Day gift?
Grace: Yeah.  But we will totally buy you a Starbucks.  But if you get that new Frapp, will you share with us?

Friday night - little kids are in bed, the Hubby has his pain meds and is resting, and we can finally leave for the mall outing 

Me: Girls, get your stuff and let's go.  Hey -- why did you change Grace; you were adorable in that cute dress today.
Grace:  Cause Mom.  We are going to the mall and wearing our Paris outfits.
A: Yea, Mrs Jaime.  I am going to change at my house too before we go.
Grace:  Mom! There might be cute boys there and we want to wear our matching Paris stuff.
A: Well, most of the cute boys hang out at [the sports facility] but you never know so you should always be ready to see them!
Me:  (shaking my head in disbelief and in fear of the teenage years)

Overheard in the back seat en route to the mall, listening to NKOTB at their request: 

I can't wait til we are old - or like our parents age - and they do One Direction reunion concerts.
That will be so cool!