7 minutes of Thoughts

The house is quiet. I can hear the construction crews next door and the dog barking outside.  But inside, there is silence.  

It's naptime. We have played and cleaned and watched a movie and done at least one carpool trip already today.  After this small bit of quiet, we will do all of that again before dinnertime.  

At some point, I need to finish cleaning the kitchen --- started a few hours ago but there are still piles of old dishes and of plastic tops that are missing their plastic containers waiting for the trash.  There is also two loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away.  Please dont ask how many loads are waiting for their own turn in the machines.  

The chaos is quiet for now.  Which gives me time to think (and actually eat a meal sitting down).  So what am I thinking about?  

How great my kids are.  

How messy this kitchen is and why i decided to clean out cabinets today. 

How fast the minutes are going by today but how slow each hour is. 

How I am feeling so frustrated with my own parenting skills lately. 

How we are going pull together the holidays on a much stricter budget this year. 

How I cant wait for a date night this weekend (I have a slight recollection of what those are but hoping for just some good time alone with the hubby out of the house.)

How excited and anxious I am for the phone to ring with new opportunities and new customers and new ways to get to where I want to be.  

How I am so grateful to be home with my babies and so sad that it will end sometime soon.....which has made me cry into my cold mac-and-cheese.   

............and now after 7 minutes of quiet, I hear the sounds of a waking baby and a preschooler destroying his room.  No more thinking.........time for work! 


Happy 1st Birthday Delaney!

September 18 is a special date in our lives.  September 18, 2002 was the first charity golf tournament that the hubby and I produced together to benefit the National Capital Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  September 18, 2004 was out original wedding date (until we moved up the wedding for the sake of Bill's mother whose health was failing and so that we would be married when our first baby arrived).  September 18, 2014 is the birthday of our last baby who completed our family is ways we didn't even know needed completion.

Happy birthday sweet baby girl.  Your bright eyes and smile light up our life.  The way you love your siblings is amazing -- so young and yet you know how special those two people are in your life already.  I have loved every moment with you this first year and am so so so excited to see what you have in store for us.  Watching you turn from a baby into a toddler -- seeing your personality emerge -- has just been amazing.  You are hysterical, determined, sweet, and funny and are the light of our lives.

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My Why

After a summer full of heartaches and disappointments and struggles, I took a leap of faith and bet on myself.

As of this month, I am an Independent Distributor for IT WORKS.  Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?!  If not, you should....they are amazing.  But this post isnt about the products...it is about My Why.  Why am I doing this?  Why did I take this chance?  Why am I pushing myself so hard on this? 

This is why: 

My babies. I took this leap of faith into a new business for them.  I am pushing myself hard from day one to make this work - to make my new IT WORKS business one that will help pay some bills and help support my family.  The products are wonderful - we are already using several of them here and they are making a very positive difference in our lives.  My energy level is up, my motivation and general attitude is soaring -- I am happy, focused, and excited about this venture.  

So, that is my WHY.  I am doing this for my family.

My IT Works website - visit to check out ALL the products!