A lot can happen in 733 days

My poor blog. I love my blog....really I do. Never intended for 2 years (almost exactly!) to pass before I wrote again.  But, here we are.  

Is an update post needed - or do we just pick up where we are now? To truly update, the post would be wordy and long and you'd probably get bored somewhere along day 592. 

How about some highlights of today: 
  • The baby went to kindergarten. 
  • The Boy is a smart 2nd grader. 
  • And the oldest started HIGH SCHOOL! 
  • The dog is crazy. 
That's the update, friends! 

I missing writing. I am coming back to this platform.......a new So-Called Supermom is coming soon. 

And it's going to rock! 


We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Well, summer is over now and as I look back at this blog....well, I neglected to post all summer long.  I am okay with that.  It was a basic summer - I don't have any awesome vaca stories to tell and really - we worked, kids went to camps and day care, and we cheered our way through swim meets.

But tonight...tonight ended the summer. We did it the way we have done it every year for at least the last 6 years.....with ice cream. And friends.  I cannot believe how much the kids have grown over the years and this ice cream tradition grows in size every year. I love it.  I love these kids and I cannot wait to see what this year holds for all of them.

Preschool to HS in one picture!!!! In fact we are only missing grades 3,-5, 10, and 12 among all these kids!!!
The girls ---- they have known each other since they were Delaney's size!

Crazy boys - preschool through 2nd grade!


New Eyes

I just looked back at the posts for the past few months...and I realize that all you see is Grace.  Her eye surgeries and then her recovery struggles.

Yesterday made all of those hard moments okay.

Grace got her new glasses. It took almost a month for these lenses to be researched and produced...it was frustrating for all of us waiting this long. But the look on her face when she opened her eyes was amazing.

She could read a restaurant sign across the street. She read me text on a business card.  She saw her own earrings in her ears when looking in a mirror -- this is the first time she said she could actually SEE them clearly on her own.  Can you imagine that?!

As her eyes get used to the new lenses, her headaches will get better.  The fatigue should go away.

And oh how I cannot wait to hand her a book this summer and watch her experience reading clearly and easily!!!!


Brave Girl

After 9 days of recovery, we are trying school again today. I am so proud of Grace - she can't see further than 3 feet in front of her right now but she asked to go back to school even before her new glasses arrive.  It's not going to be easy - she can't see the board; she can't read a worksheet; she can't see the music during violin rehearsal. But she can learn by hearing the lesson and she can show the rest of her classmates what it means to be brave and strong during a scary and confusing time.  

Can you imagine not being able to see your friend on the other side of the table?! I can't. But Grace is going back to school just like that.  She's going back wearing her dad's old glasses just so she can see a little tiny bit better.  She's going back after missing a total of 13 days of school this month due to surgeries.  

She is my hero.