To Be Involved or Not To Be Involved?

Grace's calendar pretty much rules our summer schedule.  Between swim team and playdates and camps, she is in full swing from June through August.  Even during the hottest summer days spent on the pool deck, I love it.  I love seeing her practice hard and get better at something.  I am partial to swim team since so many hours, days, years of my own life were spent in the pool.

When it comes to her activities like these, I find myself volunteering for coaching and organizing things for the team.  I cant do much during the school year in her classroom so I definitely try to be involved much deeper during the summer when my schedule is a little more flexible. 

But now its not so fun for me.  Sometimes, when you start getting into the managing aspect of these activities, the fun goes away and it turns into a job.  Thats happening to me now and it sucks.  I have a countdown for when things will end so I can get a break; so that I can sit and figure out what I am ok with and what I am not. 

Grace is not the fastest swimmer.  She cant do the cool stunts on the football sidelines.  But she wakes up every morning excited to see her coaches and wants to hang with her teammates all day long.  She tells me that sometimes its cool and sometimes it isnt cool to have Mom there.  But mostly its cool.  And so I continue to offer help and my time to these activities.   But when do I have to start saying no -- that it isnt fun for Mom anymore? 

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