Mommy's Turn

January is always a rough month for me.  Not sure why.  It starts with such excitement and great plans and thoughts.

And a week into the month, it's not so exciting and great.  No real reason but this week has been rough.......and it's only Monday.

Apparently, I am a mean mommy ---- after a sleepover with two friends complete with movie time, cookies, and a breakfast of donuts. 

I am also boring --- after planning out a day of frozen yogurt in the winter (we didnt go cause, well, I am boring and boring people dont go to frozen yogurt in January). 

Also, in case you were wondering, I also dont let my kids do ANYTHING fun EVER and the baby get EVERYTHING he wants ALL THE TIME. 

That was just on Sunday. 

There are days like that.  I get it.  Kiddos were both having a rough day yesterday and the Hubby was cheering on the Skins ar the playoff game.  Its was Mommy vs the Whiny Kids all. day. long.

And so, I promised myself today that since Grace is in school and our nanny would be here to hang out with Will, that I would take myself out.  To see Les Miz --- the movie based on the Broadway play that SOOOO many childhood memories are based on.  My mom played the soundtrack all the time in our house, she took all of us kids to see the musical multiple times, and I even sang one of the Les Miz songs to try out for 7th grade choir.  I am obsessed with the musical.  The movie has been out for 2 weeks now.  I have not seen it.  And today --- I will still not see it.  A 3 hour movie just simply does not fit into the insane schedule of our life.  Now I just hope it comes out on DVD quick so I can watch it before I turn 80.

Today is Mommy's day to whine. 

And clean the bathrooms.  And put away Christmas gifts that she has already forgotten were given to her.  And to plan plot out the activity schedule for the next few months. 

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laura said...

i think a little girl needs to be reminded of the awesome trip she just took to nyc...ah, what goes around comes around, huh?! we never appreciated our mothers way back when. hope today's a better day! xoxoxo!!

p.s. boppy has xmas gifts for will & grace!