First Step To A New Plan

For years --- well, ever since I started my event planning career, I said I wanted to start my own company one day.  I think that day is closer now.

I had an interview this afternoon.  It was great -- job sounds like something I will really enjoy.  Its in the same type of role I was in before but really focuses on the marketing and promotion of events instead of logistics.  And even better, part time.

Which means when I was asked about my schedule, for the first time EVER, I was totally honest and said "I want to volunteer at my daughter's school.  I want to sign the baby up for the fun little baby gym classes on a weekday morning.  And I want to be able to see my family during daylight on a regular basis.  I also want a career and job that I am good at and that I enjoy doing.  Getting some bills paid would be nice too."

It also means that I will be home for the bus every day.  And I will be able to volunteer to be the End of the Year Picnic chair at Grace's school.  Even better, I will be able to spend some time devoted to starting my own company. Maybe one day I will be able to depend completely on it for my income. Until then, I am pretty psyched to just be taking the first steps.

More later. I promise.  Until then, cross your fingers I get this part time gig; the rest of my plans totally depend on it.

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