Do You See the Flames Coming out of my Ears?!

A month ago, I took a very important test for my career. Months spent studying and stressing out over square footage formulas and even the number of inches needed from the bottom of a ur.inal to the floor in order to be ADA-compliant (17 in case you are wondering!). Study groups after work and on weekends. Everywhere I went, so did my bag of flashcards. I even sat in the ICU room after Hubby's surgery doing flashcards to the sounds of the OV pump.

Seriosuly. I was devoted to this test.

The organization who manages the certification sent a letter out last week to all us Jan 20 test takers. It read something like this: We are sorry. We take our communications seriously. It has been a month since the test and we are just now letting you know that your results will not be available in 2 weeks but rather the week of April 9. Only 11 weeks from the date of test. Yes, we know its a Sca.ntron test but we stink at communicating that we dont even know what pass or fail is yet cause we didnt standardize the test before letting you take it in January. Oh yeah, and dont call the office to find out whats going on. It might divert our attention from the job we havent done but should be doing....you know, like scoring the test!

They s.uck.

And now I am mad. My performance review cant be done until my results are in. Passing means I have more negotiating power when it comes to a salary increase. Failing, well that would stink. But still, they said it would be 6 weeks til results and now I have to wait a full 11 weeks.


Mad. Irritated. Annoyed. Mad. Communication is one of the cornerstones of my profession. How can the "elite organization" fail so miserably at that?!

And there is nothing I can do about it.


Bri said...

Inches from the urinal to the floor? WTF for? Is it so men don't feel insecure if the urinal is too low for them - AHEM -

And "elite organizations" don't fail - they misinterpret your expectations :)

IRS Printing Guru said...

17 inches really

I just measured the IRS urinals and they are actually 20 inches

So-Called Supermom said...

Well then they are not ADA compliant to the fullest extent of the law.

Ridiculous the things we had to learn for this test!