Okay, next step.....What if

$175.00: Application Fee
$21.06: Overnight Delivery Fee
$250.00: Registration for a Study Group
3 Weeks or so or maybe longer: Priceless time I get to wait to hear the final word on whether or not I am qualified to take the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) exam.

It's done. FedEx will be delivering my application to the Convention Industry Council by 10:30 am on Tuesday, September 12. I felt a little relief when I finally handed over the application to the 16 year old working at the Kinko's/FedEx store. But as I left the place, the stress over took me. What if they take all sorts of points away and disqualify me?! Should I even sign up for the study group or wait to get the "qualified" stamp on a letter from the CIC?

It's a HUGE deal in my industry and I just joined the masses; the ones without their 2 letters who SO desperately want them. My best friend and mom just got theirs; seriously, I will be DEVASTED if they disqualify me and I have to continue to hear about the letters from my mom.

See, its not so much the test that scares me; it's the "what if's"!!!!!


MotherPie said...

Just wanted you to know that you're on my blogroll....
Good luck on your career step.
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allie said...

You will make it past this step! Try not to think about it if you can, just b/c it takes a few weeks to even hear. Trust me though, you'll do great and I'm here to help any way I can! :)

KatieJoeandGrace said...

You'll get it, I'm sure you will!

Bri said...

I think you'll be fine! Look at all the years of planning you already have under your belt. They'll beg you to take their test!