Where did the lid go!?

At the top of my blog, there is a quote. One that I smile at, laugh at, and truly believe.

"Having a toddler in the house is like having a blender with no lid!" --Unknown

It sure is.

A whirlwind of activity and you never know what is going to happen. How will she turn out? Will she be a good girl today or will it be a disaster-day? Each morning is a surprise.

You can see where she goes all through the house. A trail is left behind. One snow boot here, the other over there, a na.ked baby doll thrown under the kitchen table (her new fort), and a Bar.bie doll half under the fridge. Obviously she was looking for a snack.

Or how about naptime?! Yesterday, Hubby went to work. Grace took a nap while Mommy relaxed (yep---I actually did!). At the end of naptime you can never be sure that you will find when you open her bedroom door. Sometimes she is curled up in her bed but you cant find her among the 50 stuffed animals. Other times she is curled up next to her door with her blankie and her dolls. But yesterday was MUCH more exciting.

I opened the door 6 inches before it stopped. All her books were out of her bookshelf and piled behind her door (guess she couldnt find the one she wanted), the baby doll doctor station was pulled up next to the dresser at the doorway (when the baby is sick, the doctor station needs to be close by!), and baby was asleep in her doll stroller (in case she needed a quick getaway if Dr Grace pulled out the shot).

And there was Grace, asleep on top of all the books with her feet inside her clothes hamper. Stuck. But she was sleeping peacefully with her blankie and fingers in her mouth.

Her room.....the lid to that blender has gone missing!


-L said...

Always an adventure, huh?! :) I would have LOVED to see a picture of this, but I'm pretty sure it's close to the image I have in my head.

Gotta love that crazy Gracie!

So-Called Supermom said...

Unfortunately, she woke up when I opened the door, probably because the door moved her book-bed ever so slightly. But yes, a picture would have been priceless!

MaryP said...

Guess by now you've learned to open that door slowly and carefully! Always an adventure, huh?