Yep, I Bought Her Forgiveness with a Fish

I love my job. And I love the industry I am in. Sometimes I get toleave the office early and spend some extra time at home with Hubby and Grace. Other times, there are industry events I have to attend that dont allow me to go home until 10 PM, after Gracie is asleep and Hubby is almost asleep on the couch.

Last night, I missed bedtime. I was at a great event for a city I am planning a convention in and I pulled into the driveway at 9 PM.

But I learned a valuable (maybe) lesson last night.

At the event, I answered a trivia question correctly and won a stuffed animal fish from the aquarium rep who was at the event. Yep---I was the nerdy one in the front of the room who actually knew the answers!

When Gracie woke up this morning, she said "You come home last night?". I told her I was at work but I will always come home. But this time I brought a present home for her.

She loves that fish already.

Apparently it doesnt matter if I miss bedtime.........as long as I have a present the next morning.


Jenna said...

I'm sure she missed you a lot, and I bet that fish means the world to her...I'm guessing whenever you are gone that she will get that fish out, as it is a reminder of you.

Bri said...

Just tell the bearded hubby that the same doesn't work for him with you :PPP