Goals and Vision

In October, I started what has become the new normal around here --- staying home with the kids while also trying to pick up some jobs here and there to contribute to the household bills.  It wasnt by choice but here we are.  Don't get my wrong - I love being with my kids.  I love that Will is getting to go to preschool at our awesome church --- it's part-time so not really an option if we both had fulltime, out of the house jobs.  I love seeing Delaney turn from a baby to a toddler, learning new things from ME every day.   Being able to spend time with Grace during the week is awesome as I know that my days of being cool enough to acknowledge are coming to an end soon (teenage years aren't too far away!).  

What has been missing is focus, is motivation, and is a sense of contribution and excitement.  For me at least. I NEED to have a plan and a schedule and things to do. I need to feel like I am contributing to our life, not just spending it all.

Today I created my vision board - my goals.  And I am putting them out here for you all to see.  THIS is what I am working for.  I am working my IT WORKS business and my True Story Events business to reach these goals. I WILL reach them.  They may take me 2 months or maybe 2 years.  But I WILL do it.  Days will be more structured here.  Kids schedules and my own work schedule will be set.  Every time you see me out and about, I will be working on one of these things.

Know what's SO great about this board --- some of the goals are serious things (savings, paying bills) but there is fun in there too.  Don't discount my fun goals as ones that can be discarded....they cannot.

Disney Cruise is SO important to me - last summer, my parents took our entire family on a Disney Cruise.  A trip of a lifetime for my family.  13 people total.  But, because the Hubby was so sick and so recently out of the OR, he had to stay home.  He didn't get to see Castaway Cay or hang out with Mickey on the pool deck.  He wasn't there to watch the kids eye light up when they found a character on the boat and he didn't get to experience the beauty of the sitting on the balcony watching the ocean go by.  I went with the kids and my family - we had a great time.  But for me, something was missing during the trip because I didn't have my whole family there.  Being able to take us back on that boat WITH the hubby this time would be a dream come true.  And well, the NKOTB cruise ---- this mama needs some fun and there isn't a more fun trip I could think of than my friends and I with the New Kids!!!!!

So there is its my friends.  My vision board.

Now, let's do this!!!

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