See Ya Real Soon!

Last week, we (me and the kids) spent 4 days floating around the Caribbean Sea with various cartoon characters....Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy and friends, and various princesses too.  The Disney Dream cruise boat was just simply awesome.

Our crew --- parents, siblings, kids, nephews, and cousin. 
My parents worked hard for 2 years to put the vacation together.....the entire family went cruising together for four days.  Two months ago, the Hubby was planning on being there too......with our current health scare, he had to stay behind.  I really did have mixed feelings as the plane took off that morning --- excited about taking the kids on this vacation of a lifetime and sad that I had to leave my sick husband behind.  Lucky for us, we have amazing friends and one of those awesome friend-family member stayed at our house to do the medication changes and just make sure that things were in line at home.

The kids had an amazing time and there were so many smiles and fun those four days.  Smiles and fun that we needed so so badly.

Now that we are home, Grace has already started a family piggy bank to save for another family cruise...when Daddy can go with us.  I think there is $50 in there already -- gotta start somewhere, right?!

Beach Baby at Nassau

Will was so in love with Cinderella
Cousin Krista and Delaney

Captain Mickey!!!!!!
Me and my big girl

My kids make me smile so big
Most adorable pirate girls ever!!!!

Pirate family!
Will and Mike at Kids Club

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