It SO cold outside.  It's been cold for weeks.  Snow days are the norm for Grace --- she is actually surprised on days that she has to go to school for a full day.

The deck is covered in a sheet of ice with icicles everywhere.
My idea of a perfect winter is moderately cold so I can wear boots and jeans and sweaters.  One good snow is really all I need...and preferably around Christmas, just for good measure.  Now the snow keeps coming and the bitter cold days give us extra days off school.  Not a fun winter.

Ice covered azaleas. 
About a week ago, I decided I was over it.  I am ready to go south.  Straight to the beach please!

HAHA - she didnt even see that snowball coming!! 
But lately, I am reminded that yes, this weather makes my daily plans change with each delay and school cancellation.  And its too cold to even play in the snow for very long.  BUT the snow is pretty.  And the kids love it -- even if it takes me 15 minutes to bundle them up and only 5 minutes for them to get too cold and come back inside.  

Sweet baby girl all bundled up! 

The ice is gorgeous.  The smiles and the joy are so genuine. The time spent together - stuck in the house - are what memories are made of....and really what matters.  

Will exploring the yard in the snow.

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