Snow Day...AGAIN

Snow Day #10....in addition to the 5 plus delayed openings this year.  The first couple snow days we played and enjoyed the time off from the regular weekday schedules.  After awhile, it just wasnt't possible - clients still needed me to meet with them about their events, house errands still need to be done, and the kids did still need their schedules to keep moving forward.  

Today we got 8 inches of snow (side note: not sure I believe my own ruler - looks like a bit more than that to me but whatever - it's a lot!).  School closed today - even the Hubby stayed home from work! School has already been cancelled tomorrow.  The kids aren't so excited about that one since now they get to spend the day tomorrow hanging out while I have event meetings.  

But today.  Today we had fun.  Movie time.  Playing.  Painting and shoveling snow.  Cleaning our rooms (yep, I am the mean mom who asks kids to do chores on snow days!).  Just a good day home with the whole family enjoying our time together.  I am trying hard to soak up all these fun, carefree moments of life lately.  
My Girls - both growing up too fast.
This pic taken while Grace was making lunch for everyone today. 

Movie time - Delaney and Will are very excited for Olaf!

Best picture of the day - Daddy is shoveling and
Grace picked the wrong spot to take a rest in the snow! 

Delaney is not a fan of standing IN the snow - she is perfectly
happy to hang out in the garage and watch the white stuff.

Love how to snow frames our house - so so pretty. 

FINALLY in the snow - my sweet pretty baby girl.

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