Asking for Help

This post is very difficult for me to write.  Not because the subject is a tough one.  Not because I am afraid of reaction.  But because "I need some help" is the most difficult phrase for me to say.

But it's true.  I need some help.

An even harder part of that statement is that I don't know exactly what I need before I need it or when I will need it.  This kind of recovery takes over the whole routine of our household -- everything is coordinated based on medication schedules, energy levels, and having one adult driver for at least 8 weeks.

We have the greatest village ever --- I posted about it once and I bet I post about them all again and again and again.  Amazing doesn't begin to explain our friends and family.  We have had so many texts and emails and Facebook posts asking what people can do to help and what people can bring over to help.  I just dont know the answer to that. Everything is the answer but that's not very helpful either, is it?!

Friends organized a Take Them A Meal calendar -- and that is so so so helpful. A couple days a week just one less thing on my to do list.  Click here if you want to help that way.  Enter our last name and the password is the first 4 letters of our last name.  It really is just so amazing --- I mean, LOOK at my fridge right now.  Full of lunch and dinner options for my family that friends have brought over.  Everytime I go into the kitchen (which is A LOT these days), I smile because when I open that fridge, I see the love and support for our friends sitting on the shelves.

Visits are great.  Time starts to drag when you are sitting at home and watching tv, reading books, and scheduling doctor appointments.  And frankly, the hubby probably gets bored hearing all my chatter about random things.  So yes, please come visit.  A note about visits -- please do not be offended if hubby is sleepy or literally doses off mid-sentence after awhile.  And when you are here, I just may disappear.  Its not that I don't want to sit and chat -- I really do want to --- but when you are here and I know that the hubby is entertained and has someone there to help him if need be, I can get other things done like laundry or work or grocery shopping.

This is going to take awhile.  Energy levels will get better and better as time goes but its a long slow and steady process.  So my friends - be patient with us.  We WANT to hang out and we WANT to socialable again.  And the kids need to have a summer full of play dates and fun.  I am trying to work out a schedule that will allow us to do a little of all of it while maintaining all the medication schedules, my work schedule, and of course rest....lots of rest for the hubby.

I guess what I am trying to say is yes....the answer to your question of "how can I help" is yes, you can help. I just don't always know exactly what we need but even the smallest things make a huge difference in our life.

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