Our life is lists right now.  Currently there is a list for:

  • Hubby's medication schedule 
  • My work to do list 
  • My home to do list that includes kids schedule and paperwork that has to get done for insurance, etc. 
  • Marfan Conference list for this weekend
  • Disney Cruise planning list (17 days away and I am just now getting it together)
Needless to say, i am over my head in to do items.  Most of them get done via text or email because without fail, as soon as I am on the phone, someone needs something that needs my attention.  

On each of the lists are things that in a normal day, are pretty simple to complete --- like "fax paperwork to office for submission to insurance".  Simple right --- run to the store where DH works and fax the papers to his office real quick. Ever tried to do that with a 10 month old baby, a 3 year old boy, and a 10 year old in tow?  Not so simple and quick.  

There is a pile of coupons and mailers on the table just waiting for me to go through them.  I am hoping to get that done before the expiration dates on said coupons.  

I am starting to think that I need another list listing all the lists I need to check each morning.  

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