Our Village

I have gotten pretty good at navigating my way through the city.  As I got in the car tonight, I hit the button on my GPS app --- by default, the GPS asked me if I wanted directions to HOME. I clicked no and typed in the hotel address.  Tonight I am staying close to the hospital.   The hubby had one more "procedure" tonight and whenever he is in the OR, I just don't like being far from him.

Being here means I am not home.  It means I am not with my kids.  Tonight, our Village is in charge.

Day care had the two little ones all day.  My mom's best friend (my other mother) picked them up and fed them dinner.  That dinner was ordered and delivered by a friend of ours.  My mom stayed overnight at my house and will take Will and Delaney back to day care tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will be able to leave here tomorrow in time to pick them up.

Grace is with her aunt and uncle on an impromptu overnight visit for the week.  She is having a blast!

There has not been a day in the past 16 days that I have not needed some kind of help with our basic daily routine.  Asking for help is not something that comes easily for me -- swallowing my pride and asking for help has been a necessity this month.  I struggle with it - guilt for inconveniencing someone else to make sure my family's needs are met, sadness for not being with the kids and at the same time, sadness for leaving the hubby at the hospital by himself.  Its a huge bag of emotions that simply don't balance.

During health events like this, I realize how lucky I am.  That having our family so close is so wonderful.  That we have surrounded ourselves with some pretty awesome friends -- who immediately, without me knowing for days, organized a dinner calendar for us.  My neighbor has taken over caring for our dog during the days and even grabs the mail and trash cans for me when they are at the end of the driveway -- such a simple thing but so thoughtful.

I am leaning on our Village to get through this stage of this event.  I am eternally grateful for all the help from everyone and just hope that they know how much their support means to me, to Bill, and to our family.  It really does take a village to get through times like these and I am pretty sure I have the best village around!

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