The hubby is home.  Right where he should be.

Home may not mean working or running errands or even getting things done around the house.  This is not that kind of recovery.  The reality is that his energy is zapped - his body has been beat up by the infection and we are still pumping antibiotics into him via an at-home IV pump.  He has set up his spot in the family room - where the kids can play, he can watch movies, and be a part of the general craziness of this household.  But he can also sleep when he needs.  He can't do bedtime with the kids and he won't be throwing them around in the pool this summer.  Making lunch or dinner is just too much for him right now --- but that is one chore I know he is looking forward to doing again (and I am too!).

But even with all the things that are hard right now, home is good.  We are adjusting to this new normal for now and we are working at getting the kids back to their normal schedules too.  16 days of shuffling between friends and family took a toll on all of us.

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