Will is  2?!  Already!?  Can that be?

At the Farm on his birthday.
I remember his birth day so clearly.  All the details are still fresh in my mind.   Will was born in the middle of quite possibly the most stressful medical adventure of our lives - the Hubby was so sick for so long and Will joined our family right as it was beginning.  He was the ray of sunshine in a rough time.  

Today, he is still that ray of sunshine.  

His smile lights up the room 

He loves his sister like she is the end all and be all in his world.  

His laugh is just simply adorable.  

He has a photo-head-tilt that just elevates every single photo into a must-keep.  

Happy birthday my little man.  I love you so so much.  

VERY serious about eating his Mickey cupcakes.

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