Overwhelming Week

24 hours down.  Only 4 more days to go.

The hubby has played 2 rounds of golf and has at least 5 or 6 more before he comes home.  That's right -- a 5 day golf trip with 19 other guys.

I am on my own with the kiddos.

Normally, one or two days is fine.  No big deal.  I am lucky with the age spread between Grace and Will.  Grace can basically do her things on her own with a little guidance from me.  Will just follows Grace everywhere and as long as he has a cup of water or milk and a toy in his hand, he is pretty happy.

24 hours into this trip --- I.  am.  exhausted.

Could be the result of a long work day to start the adventure.  Could be the fact that I am running around after the two kids on my own while 17 weeks pregnant.  Or it could simply be that our schedule is just generally insane so getting tired is just part of the deal.

Not sure which one it is but wow.  When the hubby is gone, I realize just how much I depend on both of us to keep this family and house running smoothly.

Oh, and I have NO NO NO idea how the heck I am going to manage adding another little one to our house.  Its one of those days --- HOW am I going to do it?  Bedtime with 3?!  Errands with me and 4 kids?!  Totally overwhelmed just thinking about it.  23 weeks to go to figure it out!


laura said...

you can do it, supermom!

p.s. i CANNOT believe you let bill go out of town on will's bday. i would have KILLED dan. and chris left meghan with a newborn?! ya'll are way better wives than me! ;)

Jaime Barnhart said...

Not really a matter of "letting" him go out of town. Every year since this guy's tradition started, he hasnt been able to go because of one surgery or another. This year he was okay to go. ANd frankly, once this baby comes, we will be lucky if we can afford a new golf ball never mind a whole round of golf!