William Ronald.........lovingly known as Baby Will.

Will joined our family without much drama (yeah for no more drama!!!) on April 20 at 1:06pm. He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz (just like his mama!) and was 21 inches long.  Long and skinny baby boy.

And labor was awesome.  Yes, I actually said that.

After all the events over the past month, my doctor and I agreed that inducing was best so that I could line up help at home while I was in the hospital and even the first few days home.  The date was picked and we started the get ready!

The night before induction, we went out to dinner as a family of three, one last time.  And Grace spent the night with her MoMo and Papa since we had to be at the hospital before day care opened on the 20th.

We arrived and I was hooked up to the Pitoc.in by 7am.  My doc poked his head in right after the IV started and increased the dose --- apparently he didnt feel like spending the entire day waiting for it to work.  I agreed---- let's get this show on the road!!  By 10am, he broke my water but still no more progression -- only 2 cm and that's where I was when I arrived at the hospital.  But the contractions were steady and only about 2-3 minutes apart.  The epidural worked like magic!

At 11:30 am, I had progressed to 5cm and the doc went into the OR with another patient; his last words to me were "I will be back at 1pm.  Don't have a baby until then, ok?"  Sure Doc, I will try my best to do that.  My nurse took the chance to go to lunch.  I tried to get some sleep/rest but it just didnt work.

As soon as they were all gone, my pain pump (they gave me the little pain button for extra booster meds every 20 minutes!!!) decided to break -- ended up being a low battery but when you are depending on it, those "the pump is broken" beeps are not a welcome sound!!!!   Then, all of the sudden, it all felt different.  I asked the coverage nurse for my "something extra" --- the extra boost to the epidural only gave me a boost for an hour so I was pretty determined to have the baby in that hour!  Only then did my labor nurse return and check me to find that I was ready to deliver.  And now we had to find the doctor. 

Once the doc came in --- after we paged him back to the room from the OR (don't worry - he was done with surgery but had to skip his lunch) -- we prepped and 3 contractions worth of pushing later, William was born.

Big sister Grace came about an hour later and met her baby brother. She was in love instantly and quite proud to be a big sister.

Polly (the dog) wasn't really sure that first night what to do with this little person who made new noises but has quickly adapted and has become the protective big puppy-sis. 

And now we are a family of four.  It feels so nice to know that our family is complete.


laura said...

welcome back to the blogging world, friend! and, of course, welcome baby will! there is a ridiculous package in the mail for you! like completely and totally ridiculous! ;)

Shan said...

Dropping in from BBC. Beautiful family you've made there! I'm glad you had a drama free delivery.