My White Flag

It's 9:30 on a Thursday and I tried. I really did try to stay up and hang with the hubby tonight.

But I had to wave the white flag.

I am exhausted. Emotionally mostly but it's also probably time to admit that this pregnancy is wearing me out by the end of each day. But that is a different post.

This week sucked. No other way to say it. Grace struggles at school - she always has. We see improvements and then they seem to disappear as fast as they appear. She gets overwhelmingly frustrated at the smallest most ridiculous things - to the point that she can't refocus herself. Her emotional impulse responses are not always age appropriate or frankly behavior that is acceptable to us.

For awhile, we have simply brushed some of it off as Grace being a sensitive girl --- much like her mama, she gets her feelings hurt easily and it's hard for her to move on immediately.

No more. It's affecting her schoolwork, her friendships, everything. It's breaking my heart --- obviously nothing we have done has helped her.

Parenting is hard I know. But this week I am finding it impossible --- I seriously don't know what to do for my own kid.

Tonight I am letting myself feel like crap about it - white flag is up. Next week we will start down the road with doctors and therapists or whoever else we need to help her be the awesome, amazing , smart and nice girl that we know she is.

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laura said...

xoxoxoxo to you and that amazing, smart, kind, wonderful little girl we all know and love!