Magical Year


It amazes me that a year has passed since I first held you in my arms.  What a journey it has been and how lucky I feel that you chose me as your mama.

When you were born, we, as a family, were in the middle of the hardest time of our lives.  But the second you entered the world, you made it all okay. Sure, we were exhausted.  Yes, we were scared about how we would manage all your daddy's medical issues on top of a newborn baby.  But one look at you and I just knew that it would all be okay.

My favorite moment on that day as cuddling with you and your big sister in my hospital bed; just the way the two of you stared at each other with so much curiosity and love from the very start. Our family was complete.

Since that day, you have brought so many smiles, laughs, and fun to our lives.

The way you smile when you see your sister.
The way you point at the dog and say "gog" all day long.
The way you follow me around the house -- I did say I wanted a Mama's Boy.
The way you sleep all cuddled up in the corner of your crib.
The way you laugh and laugh and laugh when you are tickled.
The way you say Dada and Mama.

You are the most amazing little man.  I cannot wait to see what the next year brings.  Happy first birthday to my baby boy.

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