An Update On Us

Grace is growing up.  She is an amazing big sister.  The past few months she has really matured and I am so proud of how she has handled the upheaval of our lives.  She is an awesome little girl.

I cant believe Will is 7 weeks old.  Time flies by so fast.  He brings us so much joy during the tough days and makes the good days even better.

Hubby is healing.  Its two steps forward, one step backwards around here but we are managing well I think.  Recovery sucks and its hard on both of us.  We are looking at more long roads ahead and its frustrating, painful and lonely.  One day it will be behind us......we just have to take it day by day right now.

Me?  I want to blog often but never know what to write.  No one wants to hear about this drama every day but thats my life right now.  All my stories are about the kids or recovery.   But I am fine.  Always fine. :)

I am going to post more -- starting tomorrow, I will write about our days and the simple things I am learning to enjoy and the complicated dramas I am starting to understand are better left in the past.

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laura said...

cheers to that, my friend!