Time flies....and drags on

Today our family of four is two weeks old.  Only 14 days since Will came into our world.  And it seems like he has been with us forever.  And its been 38 days since Hubby's big medical scare....the episode that goes on and on and on.  It really does amaze me that in 38 days he has gone from basically knocking on death's door to holding his baby boy on the couch.  I am so thankful for that.  

It seems like I blinked and the month passed me by - full of quality time with my Hubby and new baby and some really great bonding time with Grace.

On the other hand, I think we are both getting tired of recovery.  We are looking forward to getting back to normal.  You might think we are used to this ---- six surgeries since we have got married seven years ago.  This time is different.  All the other times we had a plan for recovery; there was a definite date to return to work for Hubby and therefore a return to normalcy. This surgeon wont even discuss work. There is no "end date" to this recovery.  He was just cleared to try to drive his car in the neighborhood.

But even in its frustrating moments, I am so grateful for this time.  Hubby and I have actually talked - we have had weeks at home together while I took care of him after his hospital stay and now that I am home on maternity leave.  We have spent more time together in the past month than we have in the past seven years.  And he would never would have had the chance to be home with Will for the first few weeks.  I have had more time than normal to spend with Grace; she has grown up so much this month - she is truly turning into a big girl....no more little girl there.

These days, I know how lucky I am to have my family.  For a few moments 38 days ago, it almost left me.  Now that its complete, I am holding on tight.


laura said...

that last paragraph...that may be one of the most beautiful things you have ever written. love you, friend! can't wait to see you in a few weeks and give that baby boy a big kiss!


Maya said...

catching up on your blog. so sorry to hear about all of that! i can't imagine how scary/stressful that has been.