Margaritav.ille or Bust!

The concert of the year is only 24 hours away.....Jimmy Buffett! Well, really the show doesnt start until 8 PM tomorrow but the 10 of us will be at the beer place at 9 AM to stock up and head out to get our spot in the Premier Parking lot.

We are total geeks about this show. I realize that and I dont care!

Allie and I went to Pa.rty Cit.y and Tar.get earlier this week so we have all the munchies and tropical paraphanelia we need. Leis, grass skirts, parrots, and even coconut bras for the guys, of course!!!

Pictures will be taken and I will post the most innocent ones here later this weekend. All the other pics will be hiding away from the public's eye after this show!!!

Remember last year?!


Bri said...

Pictures 9AM Friday morning!

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Sounds like a GREAT time!

-L said...

Have a great time! So sad we won't be joining you this year. Last year was enough for me to handle. Whoo hoo, let's spend hours at the first aid tent instead of watching the concert! :)

IRS Printing Guru said...

Wait, we went to Buffett last year??


Anonymous said...

whoo hoo, have fun!