What is a Working Mom To Do?!

If you know me in "real life" and really even in the blog-0-sphere, you know that I adore our day care. Really, there are so few issues and Grace has thrived in her care. I love her.

Except today. I dont. I am mad today. In fact, I was mad all weekend but finally calmed down about it by Sunday afternoon.

At pickup time on Friday, day care handed all the parents a notice. It read:

1. Please bring a bathing suit and swim diapers for your child. We will be playing water games a few times a week during the summer. Great! Super! No problem.

2. Please dont send your kid sick to day care. (Day care Lady was diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through chemo....and yes, still caring for 6 kids during the day. She is my hero in that way!). A doctors note is required after a child is sick stating s/he is not contagious. Okay, no problem with that.

3. Day care will close early on July 3 and will be closed July 4. Okay, that is manageable. We will remain closed until July 15. WHAT!? They are closed for a week and a half and gave the parents a week notice. A day here and there is no problem. But now, all the working parents have one week to figure out what to do with their pre-school age children for a week and a half.

I have no idea how we are going to manage it.

And I still have to pay her for the time she is gone. You know, paid vacation and all.

This is my only complaint with our day care; short notice on extended time off like this makes life much more difficult than it needs to be.


Bri said...

Holy smack! This is the second time that I can recall this happening. Well - maybe this is the push you needed to look into preschools for G?

I know you love it there - for good reason - G thrives. But seriously - I wouldn't be able to coordinate my life that fast to cover a week and a half of uncovered childcare. And I don't even use child care - but if I had to be unavailable for a week and a half - I'd be hosed. No one would be able to cover that length of tiem for me on that short a notice. Maybe a month or two's notice.

Argh - sorry!

Think dulce de leche thoughts!

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

OH NO! That is a nightmare. A week's notice just isn't enough for the working mom.

Sigh, just breathe, you will figure it all out.

-L said...

Wow, that's insane. Just trying to imagine myself in that position is making me shake.

If you need any help let me know. Although I'm not sure what I would do, maybe take you out for ice cream to take the edge off. It seemed to do the trick last time :)

You'll figure it out, you always do!

So-Called Supermom said...

Ice cream always works!! Maybe this time it will need to be laced with liquor!

IRS Printing Guru said...

Isn't G able to stay home by her self yet??


I could take her w/ me to work - people do it all the time here.

Karen@FamilyBriefs.com said...

No way!!! I can't believe they didn't give more notice. I hope you let them know that more notice is necessary in the future - otherwise, I'd look elsewhere. Crazy!!! Good luck with a resolution for the tough place they've put you in.

I'll tell you to send her over here (what's one more amongst four), but I have no idea where you are. . .