Buffett Concert----in Pictures

Okay, you saw some pretty good pics on L's site the other day. Because I have NO time to myself right now to spend blogging or chatting or anything else fun, I am simply posting pics today for all the enjoy!!!
This is me.....sitting on a pile of kegs at the beverage store
where we stocked up on beer and ice at 9 am!!!

This, my friends, is how you tailgate at a Buffett show. All the comforts of home, except a/c!

Yes, this is my Hubby. And what a proud wife I am; not every man can pull off a lime wedge bra in publc!

Meet Hank. He belongs to Allie. Enough said.

Every Buffett tailgate needs a pool so here I am, standing in the ice water
that felt SO good on that 102 degree day.


KatieJoeandGrace said...

Love the pictures! :-)

Colleen said...

Lucky girl! I miss Buffett concerts. The last one I attended (my 9th!) was in Indianapolis in July 2004 the day before I found out I was pregnant with our daughter, Delaney. I love Buffett. But my husband, not so much. I'd never be able to get him into a lime wedge bra (public or not)!

Looks like ya'll had lots of fun.