Buffett In The Rain

We pulled into the parking lot at 12noon. After sprinting from the parking space at the very back of the field to a spot on the hill under trees and right next to the gates, we spent the next 30 minutes setting up our tent, picnic tables, grill, and decorating with al sorts of parrots, leis, and Buffett signs. We had quite the set up!!!

The day was spent drinking margaritas (we had 5 gallons of 'ritas in a cooler!), grilling in the middle of a parking lot, and watching all the other crazy Parrotheads. No major drama for once during the 8 hour tailgating experience.

An hour or so before the show, we started packing it all up and back into the cars. Well, I decided that my intoxicated husband would lose my ticket (or me) if he was holding onto it for me. So I stuffed my id and some cash into the bra (hey, I didnt want to bring my purse into the show!) and tucked my ticket into my strap. It fell out. In the middle of the parking lot full of cars and party-goers. I ran back and forth from our picnic spot and the car looking for it. If someone found it, they could have sold my $50 ticket for at least $200....a hot commodity and I had lost it!!! Lucky for me, it was laying in the aisle right near my car and I found it before anyone else.

And so, with my ticket back in my possesion, we headed into the show. The weather forecast had called for rain late in the day but so far we had escaped it. That is, until we were nicely settled on the lawn for the show. 10 minutes before the show started, the skies opened up. There was nothing we could do but stand there and get soaked. That wasnt too bad; the fact that it was cold rain really bothered the girls.

And then the show started......with Jimmy Buffett riding a bicycle around the stage to Singin In The Rain! Hysterical and soooo appropriate! Buffett got on stage and announced that since there were thousands of people standing in the rain to hear him sing that he couldnt think of a good enough reason to take an intermission. His words were "How can I leave you standing in the rain just so I can go pi.ss?". HAHAHA! And so he played straight through until the curfew (its an outdoor pavilion so the curfew is 10:30PM).

And, wow! What a show. One of the original Coral Reefers (that's the band name!) was there to play....Fingers Taylor, an amazing haromonica player.

All in all, even though I had to ring the water out of my bra after the show, it was one of the best I have seen. I am already looking forward to next year.

PS----we have a ton of pictures, just not on my camera. As soon as Allie downloads them I will post some.

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