Tears for All Today

I am home today. Working but home.

Apparently something gross is living outside of my house cause Grace was at the dr this morning with a rash. Yep, her first case of poison ivy (or something like it)!


So now that we are home and we have the meds from the doc, she is itchy, uncomfortable, rashy, moody (who can blame her?! She's sick.), and oh yeah, the meds are making her so tired that she wont even lay down for a nap. Just sits in Mommy and Daddy's bed, crying. And crying. And crying.

And then Mommy cries cause, well, what else is there to do!?


Bri said...

I CANNOT imagine dealing with a toddler with poisen ivy - Ken is a huge gigantic monstrous wuss so I can't imagine. SOOOO sorry - try ice cream while watching Dora - that generally works here....

-L said...

Awww, jeez! Poor Gracie and poor you! Hope the meds kick in soon!

I called David after reading this because I just came back from having lunch with the crew and it turns out that Bailey has a rash on his face. Here's to hoping that he doesn't have to suffer with that for an 8 hour car ride!