What Are Friends For?

Friendships have been on my mind lately. A particular kind of friendship really.

The kind that is open and honest, sometimes brutally. The kind that even through hurt there is care. The kind that makes the world go round.

I have friends, that even though I dont talk to them daily or even weekly, I know are there when I need them. I have friends that are so brutally honest with me that it hurts like hell sometimes but in the end, its okay. They care. They are concerned. I even have people who I was friends with long ago that I still talk to once in awhile and sometimes, they are the people who I can turn to for advice. Strange but true.

Isnt that really what friendship is about? Caring.

I dont always understand my friends. And thats okay........I know that they dont get me either most of the time. BUt I always learn from them and I hope they can see through my words and learn from me too.

I may not be the person who can sit on the floor and cry with them. I may not be the person to turn to for every piece of advice. In fact, I am told often that my advice is not always needed. But I am the person who tries to reach out for some sort of understanding. Some sort of mutual understanding.

And damn is it fruatarating when that understanding seems so out of reach.


TeamWinks said...

Yes, yes it is, but at least we grow.

Bri said...

I think our friendship works because we both agree to think the other is off her rocker :P

And we offer tons of unsolicited advice to each other.

And we both like stupid/dirty/inappropriate jokes.


Jenna said...

You said it. I am probably going to link to this post later today or tomorrow.