PIcture Day!

Even though I am at work today, I am STILL exhausted from my day at home yesterday with a sick toddler. And so today, no words........just a bunch of adorable pics from this weekend.

Enjoy! Grace and one of our new temporary roommates (Hi Mitch!) in the plastic playhouse. Seeing Mitch climb out of this thing was hysterical....once you are 6 feet tall, you really shouldnt try to squeeze yourself into one of these little houses!!!

Ummm, is he not the cutest thing in the world!!???!!! Baby Dylan---LOVE the shades Little Man!

And this is the stupid llama that (I think) gave my girl a rash. But wow, did she love them!

Bubbles everywhere! They really are the best entertainment.

4 kiddos all looking at the baby cows. Notice that Grace is at least a full head taller than the rest of them!?!?!? Amazing! And they were all so damn adorable at the farm.

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Bri said...

Nothing wrong with a tall skinny blonde girl! We should all be so lucky! :P