Relax? Me? What?

January was such a stressful month for me.....physically, mentally, emotionally. I barely kept it together but somehow, here I am, on Janaury 31 and I am still in one piece. Pat me on the back! Yep. That's right. I am damn proud of myself and I am not ashamed to scream it from the roofs.
I am that good. I can do it all (hahahahaha!). I rock!

Even so, I realized lately that I do not know how to relax. Sure, I can sit my lazy butt on the couch and watch American Idol all night long. I can even handle reading a magazine while laying in bed. But I am not really relaxing. At the end of those "relaxation moments", my back still hurts, I dont feel any better, and I am usually more stressed out because I feel guilty about not getting anything done.

A solution has been found!

Remember I told you about the family bookstore trip? I picked up some Yoga books, stopped by and got myself a pretty yoga mat and a new sports bra (these girls can get out of control when left out there on their own!), and even found a Yoga DVD for Beginners (that's me....the out of shape beginner). The alarm went off yesterday morning at 5:15 AM and downstairs I went.

To do yoga. Before work. When the house is still quiet and peaceful......in other words, before the toddler is awake. Only the dog for company.

All day long, I felt better. I was more awake. My body didnt hurt. My mind was focused. And best of all, the last pose of yoga, The Corpse Pose, was the most relaxing thing I have ever done in my whole life.

I love it. And I want more of it. Bring it on yoga. Relax me, center me, get me into better shape.


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Bri said...

I did hatha yoga in college (with Ken and Ragu)and didn't really like it at all. It was probably the company :). I may try it again when the Y offers a class. I'm just not motivated enough to do it on my own. Lazy bones over here!