I have been thinking about friends a lot lately.

What is it about friendships that makes life so much easier, so much harder, so much funnier, so much more dramatic, and all around just so much better?

The past year has been interesting for me on the friendship-front. Some friendships have grown stronger. Some have stayed at status-quo. Some have turned into a family-like feeling. And some friendships are no longer---whether good or bad, they are no longer a part of my daily life. I learned that standing up for myself, my family, and my friends is more important than anything else.

Going through the last 6 months of studying for the CMP gave me more than industry knowledge to use Monday through Friday. I gained some terrific new friends. Tonight, I am going to the 10 Year Reunion Planning Meeting to see old high school friends. The anticipation of reconnecting with people who knew me in 4th grade and in 12th grade is building. Will we still like each other? Will we even care anymore? Does it matter?

I think it does matter. Friends are what makes the world go 'round. Who else can you call to dye your hair when you find the first grey strands? No one else will understand why you are so excited that one of you just met Joey McIntyre (remember NKOTB?!). And you can be damn sure that the husbands just dont understand $70 hair cuts and $35 skincare products.

Tomorrow night is Girls Night Out for us. 27 hours to go.......and I am counting. I am so excited!


Bri said...

We're the Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie of the blogging world...no wait thats you and someone else! :)

So-Called Supermom said...


-L said...

Whoo hoo girls night! Can't wait for a nice, tall frozen strawberry margarita :)