Just What The Doctor Ordered

This weekend was great.

We did nothing.

Seriously, I left the house twice; once for a family trip to the bookstore and once for a family trip to the grocery store. Hubby is finally feeling good enough for short treaks into the "real world" so out we went.

I picked up a Yoga book. For a year now, I have talked about starting yoga but never got off my butt to do anything about it. I hate, hate, group exercise classes at the gym. I feel like everyone is watching me and I constantly compare my progress to the other people in the room. So they really arent very productive or self-esteem building for me. Yoga, though, I can do in the privacy of my own house on my own schedule. I read the book this weekend and will be going out tonight to pick up the yoga mat and some comfy clothes. If I have the stuff and a cute yoga outfit to wear (vain, I know but deal!) then I know I can start this project for myself. Anything to find some calm in my life!

I feel recharged already from this weekend. Play-Doh, books, movies, and talking. That's all I needed and its what I got.


-L said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! And you totally deserved it.

David and I were in your neck of the woods yesterday and we were going to stop by but I didn't want to do the surprise pop in :)

Glad we didn't interupt the peaceful weekend you guys were enjoying!

Diva Dee said...

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TeamWinks said...

Sometimes we all need to recharge our batteries. Glad you had that chance.

I've done yoga in the past, and love it.