OMG!!! I have to make a SPEECH!?

I have to make the "Maid of Honor" speech at my sister's wedding on Saturday and I completely forgot....until now! Damn it........I have NO clue what to say!

Public speaking is NOT my favorite activity! Damn it!


KatieJoeandGrace said...

At least you remembered ahead of time. I wasn't the maid of honor in my best friends wedding, but at the rehearsal they asked me to give a speech-- just on the spot! I had NO CLUE what to say!
You'll do fine. Just think of a funny story or something about growing up!

Bri said...

hmm...at my sister's I hired a singer to come in and sing her favorite song (which I know was their "song" as well)... it killed! And I didn't have to try to talk while I cried!

kbfixit said...
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kbfixit said...

KB's 4 Pointers for Sibling Wedding speeches

1) Tell an embarassing/ funny/ cute thing about growing up together. Preferably a funny/ embarassing combo. More embarassing than funny. Aw heck, just embarass them, it's a free shot with a microphone.

2) Talk about a time you wanted to sell them to gypsies after wrecking/ interfering with/ breaking something of yours. Try not to mention interference in numerous previous relationships. ESPECIALLY if you dated the new spouse at some point and the sibling ended up with them.

3) Talk about meeting new spouse (theirs, not yours, goofy). Leave out parts about jail, drunken Jimmy Buffet parking lot escapades, or trips to the "Canadian Ballet" (intended more for guys).

4) Wish 'em luck. Or at least fun on the honeymoon.

Works every time.

- kb

nina said...

hm...let me think what my maid of honor said in my wedding...

* something silly about me, gladly it wasn't the silliest one ;D or i might've jumped out of my table and closed her mouth ;D

* how my hubby and i met (she knew the whole details)

* she read a short special love poem (not her own but still touching)

:D why don't you dig on a poem or 2? you still have time...