Wedding Update

I survived the wedding weekend, speech and all!!!!!!

Rehearsal Friday night was great---lots of Buffett music, great food, and chorus line dancing by the bridesmaids! I do have to say that the wedding coordinators at the wedding location were a bit snotty but whatever----they couldnt rain on our parade.....we had a blast!

Saturday started out with cloudy skies and then all of the sudden, right as Meg and I sat down to get our hair done, the sun came out and all the clouds disappeared! It was perfect. Once we got Meg in her dress and all the bridesmaids were dressed and ready to go, we realized the limo was late. Well, that normally isnt too big of a deal but there was police funeral processional closing all the roads to my parent's house at the same time the limo needed to carry the bride to her wedding. Mother of the Bride freaked out a little (can you read the sarcasm in the word "little"?) but we got there in plenty of time; no harm done to the wedding. The place cards were misplaced, as in missing completely, for a little while. Thank god they found those because my mother was about to blow her top!

The ceremony was perfect, I cried the entire time while my father sat in the front row making faces at me! Grace was so adorable in her little flowergirl dress and sat on the grass at her daddy's feet through the ceremony. Once we got to the reception and ate, Grace got out on the dance floor and danced the night away. Seriously, give that girl some music and open space and she is happy as can be!!!! ((Note to self: sign her up for dance classes in a year or so!))

Yes, I made it through my speech without crying!

All in all, a perfect wedding, beautiful bride, and both my daughter and husband were gorgeous!!! I posted a few pics here but will give you the full affect in a few days (I know you are dying to see 7 girls in Pepto-pink dresses!!!)

Special Note: One of my very best friends came along with me to ALL the wedding events starting with rehearsal on Friday afternoon through Sunday morning to take care of Grace. Being the maid of honor and the husband being in the wedding as well, we didnt know how we were going to manage Grace and her flower girl duties as well. Allison came to the rescue and was the "other mother" this weekend for Gracie. Allie--Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We would not have made it through the weekend without you. Grace loves you (she asked for you when we got up this morning). Bill and I couldnt ask for a better friend and we are so blessed to have you in our livss.


KatieJoeandGrace said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad everything went smoothly for the most part! and that you had good weather! :-)
Congrats to your sister! And to you for a wonderful, tear-free speech!

Allie said...

YAY! Thanks James-I'd do just about anything for ya'll, I hope you know that. I have to admit, I miss cuddling w/ my moo!

Mary P. said...

Oh, doesn't Grace look ADORABLE in that dress! So sweet! I love the way she's pointing at the camera in that first shot. Glad it all turned out well - they almost always do, and no wedding would be complete without one "almost-disaster" story to tell! (The most recent one in my family involved a skunk...)

Bri said...

OMIGOD! That pic of Gracie peeking out the window is sooooooooooooo cute! You and the fam have been taking some fab family pictures - unheardof that so many turn out so great!

rhonda said...

Sounds like all went well! Now you can breathe :)

Can't wait to see the pink dresses!

Comic Mummy said...

Nothing more yummy than kiddly-winks dressed up to the hilt. Very very cute.

I'm gonna add you to my links. Right now, in fact! :-)