Snip Snip!

I like to think that I am not one of those moms who gets all teary and nostalgic every time Grace does a "first". I didnt cry when you started walking; no screams of excitement for the first tooth; I didn't throw a party when she learned to sit up. But recently there have been two experiences that have thrown me for a loop----the transition to a toddler bed and the first hair cut.

Last night, Grace and I went to the mall, had some Taco Bell (love that place!), and went to Cartoon Cuts for her very first haircut. Honestly, I would have waited a little longer until she actually had a ton of hair but this weekend's bride (aka my sister) requested we get it "shaped" before the wedding. Since I couldnt totally object, (it was starting to get a little wild and was most definitely a baby mullet!), off we went.

Every morning, I try to brush her hair and she normally doesnt like it much so I was convinced she would freak out when the scissors came near her. She proved me wrong. For most of the haircut, she sat quietly, watching Dora the Explorer and playing with a tin of barrettes. That is until the hairdryer came out! Watch out---she does NOT like that thing at all! At the end of the event, my former-mullet-stylin' baby was a layered-hair-kid. Yes, my daughter has layers at 2 years old!!! And they do the cutest little "flip" in the back!!!

As fun and exciting as it was, I was that mom last night. Seriously, I took 25 pictures during the 15 minute hair cut. Grace was fine, I was a little teary before going into the salon. The hair that was cut off was her baby hair. Now, its in a baggie, not on her cute little head. The toddler bed was the first step, now a hair cut, and next up toilet training.

She really isnt a baby anymore, is she?!


-L said...

Her hair looks so cute!! She really is turning into quite the little lady :)

rhonda said...

They grow up so stinkin fast :)

KatieJoeandGrace said...

She is adorable! Love the little flip!
I'm sure I will be THAT mom too. It is hard to go through those big firsts-- especially when they seem to be growing up too fast!

We had the first birthday this weekend. It was fun, but just a sign of more firsts to come!

Happy Mother's Day, a little late!

Bri said...

I take back all my "Don't Cut Gracie's Hair!" votes - that is too cute! A FLIP?!!? Hilarious!

Lisa said...

Adorable! She looks like such a sweetheart. I love your blog. Would enjoy hearing more about Taste of home...I emailed you but we never connected. Hows it going?