History Flys Over

The end of last week was he 70th anniversary of  (VE)Victory in Europe Day - the day when World War 2 ended in Europe.   To mark the occasion, DC experienced something never before seen - a flyover of WW2 aircraft in historical sequence representing the major battles.  To see all the information about the flyover, check out the official site of Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

The hubby and I packed up snacks and water and chairs and headed towards the city. The city was packed for the event so we found a great memorial park on the side of the parkway leading to the airport and along the Potomac River, just across from the Washington Monument and Memorial Bridge.  An amazing viewpoint to see all the planes entering the nation's capital and flying right over us.  It was awesome.  The kids thought it was cool to see planes so low over them (only about 1,000 feet up!) and Hubby and I were just in awe of the history and awesomeness of our US history right above our heads. 

I, of course, brought my camera.  Enjoy.

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