Girl Scout Patch Hack - LOVE IT!

Grace and I have been a part of the Girl Scout troop for 6 years now....wow! I didnt realize how long its been until I typed that out.  WOW! Anyways......

Patches. OH the patches.  I don't sew and there just isnt enough time for me to learn how right now...or for the past 6 years apparently.  Today was our first cookie booth of the season and there I was with Grace's Junior vest and a stack of patches that I had not put on there yet.  And if you asked her, it would have been SO embarrassing to show up with NO patches!

The iron just doesn't work.  You can sit there for 20 minutes and it simply does not work.  Fabric sew glue --- nope, tried it before.  It doesn't hold the patch on either.  And like I said, learning to sew them on was not in my timeline for the morning.

Flat iron.  Yep, that trusty hair appliance that I use every morning came to my rescue yet again.  2 minutes each patch and they look awesome!  The heat on both sides of the patch and fabric gave those patches no other choice but to adhere to the vest.

Simply heat up the flat iron.  Place the patch where you want it and clamp down.  I held the iron there for 2 minutes.  The downside is that the larger patches need a couple clamps since flat irons are skinnier but since its so fast and so easy, not a big deal at all!!!!

BOOM - love a new household hack.

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