My Boy is Growing Up

"He is so independent".

"He did that all by himself." 

"He got his breakfast himself and is happy as can be." 

Apparently my boy can dress himself, get breakfast snacks himself, and basically function just fine independently.  Only not with me.  Only for Dad.  

I noticed it this weekend.  We were all in the house together  - snowed in - doing chores, playing games, watching movies and just hanging out.  If Hubby asked Will to do something, he would get up and just do it.  If I made the exact same request, nothing.  I got whining and "I cant do that.  I need help!".  

Oh man does that frustrate me.  All week during the day, I am home - managing the activities and schedule for all three kids.  The kids and I spend the days doing errands, playing, and getting things done around the house.  I just assumed that this would also mean that the kids would listen to me and respond to my requests first.  I mean, we spend every hour together so they should, right? 


And then tonight, as I sit here and think about why Will responds this way to me, well, I will admit it.  I baby my boy.  He's my only boy.  He was going to be my last baby.  He came into our lives at a really hard time so I see him as one of the reasons we made it through - like he rescued us and gave us even more fight to get through that time.  

Silly Selfie of me and my boy
I want him to be self-sufficient.  I want him to be able to do things himself.  I want him to learn do things for himself without my help.  I know that him growing up doenst make him less of my baby.  I know that it happens whether I want it to or not --- he is growing up, turning into a smart, funny, strong kid. He loves school.  He loves to build things and run and play games and has an incredible imagination.  He is thriving at school and he is loves to learn new things and tell us all about them.  

Letting go of the baby and helping him grow into a kid is normal...and its time for it.  My boy will always be my special baby who gave me hope when I needed it and whose little kisses light up my world. 

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