Best. Kids. Ever.

These kids.  These three amazing, wonderful, loving kids.  This health event has not been easy on them.

Daddy hasn't been home in 2 weeks.

Mommy's time is split unevenly between home, the hospital, work, insurance paperwork, chores/errands, and countless other things,

Grace has been spending time at her friends' houses.  While she is having a great time starting the summer with her best buddies, there is that lingering feeling over her head and heart that she is there cause Daddy is sick and Mommy needs to be with him.  That she isnt sure if Mommy will be home before bedtime or if Mommy is going to spend the night in Baltimore or at home.

Will is a homebody.  He loves to be at home playing with his toys, watching his shows, and running in the yard or swimming in the pool.  He and Daddy have a bedtime routine that Mommy just isnt as good at - he misses that time with his Daddy.  And his Mommy too - he has become so used to having Mommy at home.  Even if I am on my laptop working, he can get a juice or a snack or a cracker anytime from Mommy.

Delaney was jolted into the world of daycare.  She's been to our daycare a couple times here and there but now she is full time in day care.  She refuses all bottles and cups in protest --- she was 100% nursing when all this started.  So far she has not broken her strike against bottles.  But she has learned that real food is so much better than baby food and is a champ at shoveling food into her little mouth.  She smiles all day and just knows that all Mommy needs when I get home is a big smile and a cuddle.  All she wants is to nurse.

So yes this is hard on them.  Its an event that they will remember - that all of us will remember - forever.  But what I have learned about my kids is that they are so adaptable.  That they love each other so much.  That no matter what is going on, they will always be there waiting for Bill and I with smiles, hugs, kisses, and the most perfect unconditional love.  They are what get us through each day, now more than ever.  They are what Hubby focuses on during the most difficult times in this ordeal ---- to come home soon to these awesome kids is the goal.

My kids rule.

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Anonymous said...

you DO have super awesome kids, and they've got super awesome parents!