Day 10

We are again in the midst of a major health scare for the hubby.  Another extended hospital stay and another summer that will now be spent in recovery.  Staph infection in his blood and a large infection on and in his heart led to a long trip to the cardiac operating room late Friday night.

Today is day 10.  The conversation about going home from the hospital hasn't even been brought up so we are getting comfortable and making friends with the nurses.  He is an hour from home.....best hospital and best surgeon in the world to treat him. 

I am spending my days at the hospital and am home for dinner and bedtime with the kids.  Single parenting when at home, commuting 56 miles each way, and being a wife and health advocate during the day. Working via phone, tablet and laptop during it all.  

Each day is a small step forward.  Slow and steady.  Some hours are harder than the last but most of them are just about making him comfortable, controlling pain, and ridding his body of infection.  There is no definite day to use a goal for coming home.  

We are all being strong -- the hubby is doing the hard hard hard work of healing.  Grace is being so brave and helping with her little siblings.  The little ones are so adaptable and are being good kiddos for their grandparents who are helping with childcare and for me when I am home.  

The kids miss Daddy.  The dog misses her buddy.  And I miss my best friend and partner and husband.  

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