Will I Have Time?!

As of this week, I am officially 24 weeks pregnant. Baby is scheduled to be here in 15 weeks. Sounds like a long time but oh, it is not!

The guest room/home office is being transformed into Will's room and a playroom. That's the plan anyways. Right now it looks like a storage room gone bad ---- random boxes packed with glassware from college apartments, trophies from bowling teams Hubby was on more than 25 years ago, and all sorts of other stuff we have simply tossed in the room over the last nine years. It needs to get cleared out and then painted before I can get Will's new bed set up and get him into the room.

Graces room too --- she is getting a new paint job; time to take the nursery wallpaper border down. Her "pre-teen room" makeover is easier than the other room transformation but its still work --- moving furniture, painting, and cleaning out all her stuff.

Previous pregnancies, my biggest to do items were about the baby and the gear and the cute outfits and decor. This time is so different --- it's about fitting the surprise baby into our house. Every day I get more stressed about if I will have time to do that. I know it will all happen and all will be fine but that doesn't stop me from feeling like we need to get moving on these projects.

And then just as I start letting my mind go crazy with the to do list, I feel a kick ----- and I realize that yes, it will get done and that this baby will fit into our house perfectly.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ohmigawsh. I feel you. My third baby was a surprise, too. I am so glad, now - couldn't have planned it better - but when I was pregnant I wondered all the time about what the heck I was doing and how the heck was I going to make this work?

My middle daughter struggled with school a lot, too - now she is doing better (finally!) but still has social issues even after all these years.

Glad to visit via the 15 Day Challenge. Looking forward to seeing you more!

Kari Ann Smith said...

I didn't deliver any of my babies, but sure can relate to the panic as we adopted two siblings at the same time through the foster care system and holy smokes was space a concern. It all worked out and their rooms were perfect. :) Good luck! I'm glad to visit via 15 Day Challenge too! Look forward to seeing some pictures of the finished rooms.