Remember Me!? Allow Me to RE-introuce Myself!

6 months since my last post?! That is insane!  I cannot even TELL you all that has happened in the past six months but I should at least try, right?SO here it goes -- -the Supermom Family Update:

The Hubby:  He turned 40 a couple weeks ago -- super fun surprise party was had and many adult beverages were enjoyed to celebrate.  Honestly, it really did feel like a special birthday.  Sure its a milestone (the big 4-0!) but there have been a couple times in the past 10 years that we questioned whether I would get to throw this party for him -- some times we werent sure if he would make it to 40 years old.  So we woke up that day and set a new goal --- 50.  Figure its not asking too much if we take things 10 years at a time. 

Grace:  She spent the summer in the pool and hanging out at home with our nanny.  And wow, she really has grown up so much these past months.  A room remodel (figured it was time to take the nursery wallpaper off her walls), a One Direction concert with her hest buddy, and finally learning that curling up with a book is actually FUN!  The pre-preteen years are upon us ---- I thought I had some more time before all that fun started but nope.  The drama, the eye-rolling, and the hard-to-answer questions are starting. 

Will:  What a little man he is turning into!  Talking more and more everyday - my worries of him bein speech delayed are starting to releax.  No, he doesnt have the full vocabulary like some of his buddies the same age but everyday I hear new words and phrases so I know he is catching up.  He has become so independent lately -- but he is still his mama's boy!  Cuddles and hugs and kisses.  Will is a big fan of all things Disney and dinosuars and trucks/cars/trains/planes --- typical boy!  Football and hockey are starting to interest him too; I am sure the fact that the rest of us are huge Redskins and Caps fans doesnt influence Will at all!

Delaney:  Our new addition.  Our surprise bonus baby.  She was born September 18 and is just the sweetest baby ever (dont all moms say that about their babies!?!?! LOL).  My favorite thing about her is that she is such a great mix of her two older siblings --- she has Will's eyes and lips but everything else about her reminds me of Grace as a baby.  Grace and Will are the best big sister and brother ever --- Grace is the little mommy and as soon as Delaney starts the cry, Will is right there with a paci or blanket.  8 weeks old now, she is starting to settle into a routine --- one dominated by her sister and brother's acitivity schedules but luckily, she doesnt mind the car and will sleep anywhere!

Me:  Well, I am adjusting to the crazy life of 3 kids. Making the transition from work-outside-the-home mom to stay at home mom is harder than I thought it would be.  Thats a post for another day (soon!) but wow, it really is a tough transition.  A good one but its really rocking my world.  I am working on an arrangement to work from home at some point as well --- maybe I just can find the best of both worlds and make it work for us -- fingers crossed! 

So thats the update.  Its been a crazy busy packed 6 months and I would not have wanted it any other way. 

I am committed myself right now to at least 2 posts a week ----- I love writing here.  I love getting my thoughts out onto the screen and I love to share our stories.  And I really love to connect with other bloggers -- whether we are "real life friends" or not.  So if you are lurking, please comment -- send me your blog address so I can visit you too! 

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