Me!? Really?! I Don't Have A Speech Prepared!

I visited a friend's blog this weekend (which I often do!) and WOW -- what a surprise I got.  An awesome, amazing, unexpected surprise.

Yep, my dear blog-turned-real life- friend Maya (aka MarfMom of the awesone Musings of a Marfan Mom) gave me an award - the Liebster Award.  You pass this award on to other blogs/bloggers that you just want to acknowledge and for their general awesomeness.  There are no applications to fill out.  No one cares about your site stats or position in search engine results.  Its a blogger-to-blogger award to spread happiness and thanks and all that great stuff. 

WIth this award comes a few "to-dos": 
#1:  Shout out to the person who awarded you. 
Thank you thank you thank you Maya for being so great -- from answering my random Marfan questions all.the.time to sharing the funny stories about your adorable boys and just being such an amazing Marfan advocate. 

#2:  Pass the award to 7 other bloggers that I personally love. 
Only 7??  Okay -- I know present you with the list of my 7 Liebster Award recepients in no particular order of course:  

Noelle at Because Nice Matters ---- What an amazing person Noelle is.  I found her blog from a link on another blog that linked somewhere else......I dont even remember HOW I found her but I visit her blog almost every single day.  Her daughter Emily is such a special gift --- and no matter how hard her life is sometimes, that little girl always lights up that blog so I can only imagine how great she is in "real life". Noelle writes so honestly and simply---- she makes you fall in love with her little girl as soon as you "meet" her and I find myself crying and laughing along with Noelle in her blog posts. 

Laura at The Land of Syd and Ben ---- Laura and I met in 4th grade and became BFFs in 5th grade.  Our families essentially blending into one -- her Mom is my "other mom" and vice versa.  We live hundred of miles apart now (though her mom is less than 5 miles from me now!) but we are still friend-family to this day.  I don't miss anything in her gorgeous children's lives because Laura shares such awesome moments on her blog. 

Claire at Naptime Novels --- We went to high school together and its been YEARS since we have actually seen each other.  But through her blog, I see her all the time. Claire is crafty (sooo jealous of that talent!) and has three adorable little ones.  Her youngest shares the same name as my daughter too! 

Lindsey at Suburban Turmoil -- This was one of the first blogs I followed reguarly.  Back then it was a blog and Lindsey had a column in Nashville newspaper.  Now ST is filled with all sort of hilariousness --- seriously, even on the computer screen, Lindsey is so funny and so honest and just tells it like she sees it.  Her kids are, of course, adorable as well.  Lindsey makes you want to be her friend every time you read a new post.  Check out her Dares --- you will cry you laugh so hard!!

Lisa at Stilettos and Diaper Bags --- People who know me is "real life" know how much I love shoes and jewelry and fashion in general.  OH this blog makes me so happy -- just a daily dose of another mom who also loves it all --- there is always a new twist on something that sparks a new idea for me, whether its layering or color coordinating. 

Micaela at SuperNOVAMommy --  Live in the DC Metro area and need an idea of what events or fn thing are happing for the whotel family to enjoy?  SuperNOVAMommy has you covered!!!  I met Micaela at a shopping holiday open house hosted by my BFF Nicole and she is just as wonderful as her site.  

Dia at The Deal Mommy -- I met Dia at the same shopping open house and I love her -- my wallet was much lighted after our meeting but amazing deals!  She does the hard deal scouting for you and you get to enjoy events or products are amazing discounts.  

#3:  I have to tell you 11 things about me --- a pretty random number of things but okay -- here we go:
  • I secretly love when the little boy wakes up in the middle of the night and needs me to cuddle him -- those moments dont happen very often anymore and I know they will be gone soon. 
  • I do better in crisis mode than I do in calm surroundings -- probably a survival mechanism after all those hopsital visits with the hubby. 
  • I am an extreme introvert -- not that i dont like being social -- I really do -- but I have to have my ME time to stay centered. 
  • Ice cream is my favorite dessert ever --- but I dont like crunchy things in my ice cream 
  • I swore I would never drive a minivan.  Well, the minivan in our garage right now is the best car I have ever bought. 
  • Criminal Minds, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory are my 3 current fave tv shows. 
  • I went through 3 iphone 4's last year -- 1 was thrown in the toilet by that adorable little boy who lives here, next one I dropped on the pool deck and shattered the glass, and the other one stopped charging. 
  • I am constantly thinking about how to change rooms in the house -- I love home decor projects. I just need to figure out how to win the lottery to have the money to do it all!
  • Working from home, I am super productive --- new home office setup and I love it!
  • I grew up in the same county I live in now -- 15 years ago, I would never believe this would happen!
  • Sometimes, I just hang out in my shoe closet -- just cause its all so pretty in there!
#4:  Answer questions that were passed on to me from Maya.
1) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? 
I wish I was more crafty, more DIY. I have awesome ideas and plans but just didnt get that talent!
2) High heels, sneakers or flip flops?
LOVE my heels and wear them whenever I can.  That being said, flats are essentail when chasing an almost-2 year old boy. 
3) The Beach, the City or the Mountain?
Beach most of the time.  But I do love the hustle and bustle of the city too.  I am not very outdoorsy so I will just admire the mountains from afar.
4) Who is your favorite singer/group?
BIG Jimmy Buffet fans, love country music and let's be real, we have a pre-teen in the house so Justin Beiber is in constant rotation.
5) If you could vacation anywhere (expense is not a consideration) where would you go and why?
I would go back to Italy -- wine country to be exact -- via a cruise. 
6) Do you mind that my blog is sometimes snarky?
I love blogs that make me laugh!
7) What is one thing we would be surprised to know about you?
That my feelings get hurt WAY more often that I will ever ever ever show.  I am a champ at the strong face in public.
8 )Favorite, guilty pleasure, TV show?
Say Yes to the Dress -- love it all the time. 
9) Favorite book or author?
Of all time -- Gone with the Wind.
10) Do you admit to having a favorite child?
Not a favorite.  But there are some times that are more fun with the girl and some are better for me and the little man
11) If you could replace your life with one from the Disney Channel which show would you pick?
Jessie -- have you seen it?  Its cute -- Grace watches it sometimes. I chose that one because all the kids in the show are so different yet somehow it works --- our family really has a mix of personalities and I really do like to believe we bring out the best in each other.

I cannot wait to read my nominees's repsonses ---- let's just use the same questions, k?


Suburban Turmoil said...

Thank you for this, Jaime! You made my day. :)

Kerri said...

Love Jimmy Buffet, Boo demands it when we are in the jeep by saying AGAIN AGAIN

Maya said...

fun to read all the answers! where in italy have you been? i love modern family and the big bang theory too! :)