Lessons Learned in 10 Days

10 days.  That is how long I was in the house with sick children. 

10 days. 

Grace got the flu.  Not just any fever-with-cough-and-generally-feeling-crummy flu.  The insane wont eat or drink anything or move for days and days and days flu.  High fever - check.  Throwing up - check.  And then Will got it too. 

But looking back now, I learned some lessons ---

Lesson 1: My new home office set up is very productive.  I think there are a few tweaks to be made but overall, love it! 

Lesson 2:  As soon as the kid might possibly have the flu, go to the doctor.  TamiFlu only works in the first 48 hours of the illness.  After that, too bad - you just have to suffer through it.  Though in reality, TamiFlu only shortens the illness by a day or so anyway. 

Lesson 3:  Go ahead and assume the other kid will also get the flu, as soon as the first kid is feeling better.  Just plan for that. 

Lesson 4:  I love our nanny.  After several days without her (we didnt want her or her adorable baby girl around flu germs), I realized, again, how much I love her and depend on her every day. 

Lesson 5:  FORCE water or juice or popsicles or something into your child when they are sick.  We didnt.  And we got to spend our Froday night, not at the movies or even on the couch watching a movie, but at the ER so that Grace could get rehydrated with IV fluids.   Not fun.

Lesson 6:  Get the damn flu shot next year.  Even if its totally inconvienent in the schedule; just get the shot already!!!!  Cause you know what happened ---- today, on the 12th day, I got it too.  Although, I am not sure what I have is the full-fledged flu.  Maybe a little flu mixed in with complete exhaustion and pressure from those 10 days. 

Lesson 7:  I do still love that when my kids are sick, all they want to do is cuddle with their mama and daddy ---- maybe that's why I feel so crummy today but doesnt matter.  It was worth all the cuddles and "I love you Mommy"s this week. 

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