With summer comes thoughts of relaxing by the pool, teaching Grace to ride her new bike, and sitting on the deck after the kids' bedtime with an adult beverage. 

The reality is rushing around after work to get to the swim meet on time, doing laundry at 10pm in order to get all the swim gear clean for the next morning's practice, and making sure that between all the fun activities, a little reading and math practice gets done.  Frankly, summertime is more hectic in our house than the school year!!!

Like now --- I SHOULD be asleep; instead I am blogging.  And folding laundry and packing the kids for the beach

In 4 days we will be sitting on the beach, waving the waves, and relaxing (HAHAHA!). 

Hectic days ahead but totally worth it to spend a week in the sun with my family.  I love summer. :)

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