Its go-go-go around here!

There are times that all I want to do is nothing.  To sit still for more than 5 minutes and do nothing.  Be in charge of nothing.  Have nothing on the calendar.  Need to get nothing done for that part of the day.

That is not the case right now.

I have a full plate.  In fact, and let's be honest here, my plate may be a little overflowing.  One more thing added to it and it may fall apart but right now, its perfectly full.

New job is great!  Learning the ropes and starting to do some work.  Part of our team is offsite 100% of the time but this week, everyone is here.  It really is so beneficial to meet people in person instead of just over the phone or email.  So its only been a 2 weeks but I am loving it! (Hi Max --- since I know you read this now!)

School is ending soon and summer is ramping up --- which means all my kid activity parent stuff starts.  The End of the School Year picnic -- yep, I couldnt say no and now I am in charge.  A month to go and the to do list is still pretty long.  Keyboard lessons and practice every week.  Swim team gets started this weekend -- and I am in charge of the coaching staff.

Busy busy busy.  And loving it.

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