My new favorite place?! The Kitchen!

In the past week or so, my kitchen has seen more action than ever before.

First, I was inspired by this amazing recipe I found on Pinterest (more on that new obsession at a later date!). I wasnt sure how Grace would feel about it -- I mean, what seven year old is really going to be excited about a salad for dinner. I hoped that she would just take ten bites and call it a night. Boy was I wrong! All of us had a second serving and cleaned our plates! AMAZING and so simple to make!!

And then I decided later in the week that I wanted mac and cheese. Homemade mac and cheese. Into the pantry I went and I ended up making my own cheese sauce, mixing it with a box of rotini pasta, and adding pieces of ham steak and broccoli. OMG. It was delicious. Again, another hit at the dinner table. Even the next day at lunch....it was still so good!

Last night the Hubby came home with a sore throat and exhausted. His body is still pretty beat up and he gets sore/tired very quickly. Well, what do you need when you dont feel good!? Chicken noodle soup of course. Normally, I would send him to the pantry and tell him to decide on which Campbell's variety he would like. Or to stop at the grocery store for one of the gourmet selections there. Not last night. After working all day, helping Grace with her homework, and feeding the baby, I wiped up some homemade chicken soup and parmesan biscuits. We added some fun gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches too.

Dont ask me where this domestic diva came from but I kinda love it -- I love being in the kitchen. I love making my family dinner from scratch. And I love that they love it too!!!

Wonder what's for dinner tonight!? How about  Lemon Feta Chicken with Oregano and Orzo salad on the side.  Maybe I can sneak some asparagus in there too.

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