Our Trip Around The Sun

Today is the hubby's birthday.

I woke up early this morning (by early, I mean the clock said it was 3:28 am).  I realized that today could have been so different.  We could have spent the day remembering him and celebrating his memory.  Its was so close to being true back then; I still cant get over those "what if" thoughts. 

But we don't have to.  Children are such amazing gifts and 38 years ago today, my parents-in-law were blessed with the gift of a baby boy.  And today, I feel like my little family has received so many gifts, but most importantly, the gift of my amazingly strong and loving husband.


Noelle said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

Thank you sooo much for your kind comments on my blog! I hope you have a day full of celebration!

laura said...

i love you. i love your husband. i also had no idea he was 30-freaking-8!!! that's like OLD! ;)